Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2019

November has been a fun month with lots of birds in the yard. Most of my time is dedicated to training and keeping my new puppy out of mischief. But we have a beautiful time for bonding every morning as we go birding together in my garden. She is by my side usually being very good. I search my neighbors' Schefflera tree located next to my garden to see if I can find some interesting bird subjects.

This is our resident Northern Mockingbird finding breakfast at the Schefflera tree. 

He has got himself a berry from the tree.

A young looking Allen's Hummingbird shows up on my persimmon branch.

Lots of hummer babies around this year.

First warbler to appear on the Melaleuca tree is the Yellow-rumped Warbler.

A sweet close-up of an Allen's Hummingbird hovering nearby.

I wanted to show you a shot of a Yellow-rumped Warbler getting a honeybee.

He is reaching for something...

Wow, he has a honey bee. Sorry it is not very clear but I wanted to share this with you . I have never seen this before.
He looks fine after the encounter.

Goes back to foraging for bugs again.

Look who just showed up at this wonderful bug-infested tree. A Townsend's Warbler! It appears that he has himself a juicy white fly.

Or maybe a mealy bug... I can't tell.
Now this is a big bug for sure.

Gulping it down.


He spots something and he launches off the leaf.

This is what warblers do!

They flutter in place as they pick off the bugs.

My goodness! My first sighting of a Black-throated Gray Warbler this year!

Black-throated Gray Warbler, Esophagi nigrescens measures 5 inches long with a wingspan of 7.75 inches.

He just stayed long enough for these shots and was chased off by a Yellow-rumped Warbler! Only the males have the dark gray throat.

LOL, this guy did not want to share any of the bugs .

Looking at my Guava tree I spot an Allen's Hummingbird that is just getting his new chin feathers. Look at all those pin feathers!

Looks like it would be a little itchy.

He is adorable!

I am really getting to love this Townsend's Warbler and he loves my kale plant.

I got distracted by a cute pair of Lesser Goldfinch landing on my little cottage solar fountain. It's located only a few feet away from my kale plant.
Back to my kale plant and to see what the Townsend's is up to .

A nice look at the markings on his back.

Hi !

What a beauty.


Cute pose.

Look who landed on the persimmon tree next to the kale! He is a handsome Allen's Hummingbird. There is a feeder nearby and it appears he has just got himself a good sip.

Checking me out as he hears my camera clicking away.

A young Yellow-rumped Warbler stops by on the kale plant.

A beautiful youngster.

I am so pleased to see these warblers visiting my garden. They are great for natural bug control.

A few shots of the flowers that are in bloom.
Last of my ginger flower.

Double delight is always a showstopper!

All my Azaleas are full of buds. They will provide lots of color through the winter.
Last of my plumeria bloom.

Love my roses.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you are traveling, please stay safe.