Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Personal Bath for the Kinglet

This morning was the first time the Ruby-crowned Kinglet had ventured to the bird bath/fountain on my patio. He didn't fly to the birdbath but landed on an iron chair nearby and flew to the plumeria plant. What I saw next was a clever use of the plumeria leaf filled with water. The Kinglet was using the plumeria leaf to bathe in. A personal bath for the Kinglet.

The Ruby-crowned Kinglet lands next to the fountain but flies to the plumeria plant rather than bathing in the fountain. 

I search and find the Kinglet on a leaf that has collected the water from the spray that I used to clean the fountain.

The Kinglet is utilizing the little bit of water on the leaf to splash his feathers.

An adorable little bird.

I watch as he uses the water on the leaf to get as much of his feathers wet as possible.

Lying flat on the leaf.

He is having a great time.

He is really trying to get as much water on him as possible. Maybe he will be brave enough one day to go to the fountain.

This little guy reminds me of a child in his little swimming pool so he is not overwhelmed by the big body of water in a regular pool.

What a cutie!

Kinglet in his personal bath.
He is really a tiny bird. Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Regulus calendula measures only 4.25 inches long with a wingspan of 7.5 inches.

He feels safe and hidden in his personal bath.

LOL, rolling around.
Checking to see if he is safe.
Working his wings and flapping the water on himself.

There isn't much water for a good bath. The super slow shutter speed makes it look dreamlike.

I see you too.

Hope he is comfortable here and will be back soon.

Well he has used all the water up bathing in his personal bath.

Only a few more drops of water left.
Forgot to wash his chin.

He looks happy with his leaf bath.

One last shot of the Kinglet as he turns to see what is making the clicking noise as I snap away at this wonderful visitor.

I wanted to show you where the plumeria is located. This photo taken from my dining room sliding glass door. The plant is only a few feet away from the fountain. The arrow shows the plumeria leaf that the Kinglet turned into his personal bath.

Have a super weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Welcoming the New Year 2018!

It seems like most of my family and friends are sick with the flu. Even the ones that have gotten the flu shots are just as sick. I am also fighting the flu with the typical fuzzy head, runny nose, scratchy throat and coughing. Spending time resting and drinking lots of hot tea has been my routine. While sitting at the dining room table with a cup of hot tea, I spot a beautiful Townsend's Warbler at the fountain. Grabbing my camera, I had a wonderful morning of birding through the sliding glass door. Watching this wonderful warbler at my fountain is a great way to boost my mood and enthusiasm for birding. Hope all of you are healthy and enjoying the start of a wonderful New Year!

A Townsend's Warbler at my fountain gets my attention. Townsend's Warbler, Setophaga townsendi  measures 5 inches long with a wingspan of 8 inches. 

He is really adorable and has a wonderful personality that shines through in these photos below. He visits every day and appears to be very comfortable on my patio.



A  few feet away from my little bird bath/fountain, I have my collection of orchids. This is the first year that I have orchids outdoors. They are doing great even though the temperature has been in the low forties at night.

The Townsend's Warbler is kind enough to check for insects. He has done a great job of keeping them clean of insects.

It's 2018 already and I know it's going to be a super year! To all my wonderful friends that visit this blog, have a great weekend and stay healthy!