Saturday, June 30, 2018

Celebrating 4th of July 2018

Due to the San Elijo Lagoon still going through massive dredging and reconstruction, I have focused mainly on working in my garden and enjoying the birds that visit my backyard. I am celebrating the 4th of July weekend with friends and a BBQ in my backyard. The 4th lands on a Wednesday so it will be a huge weekend!

Some shots of my backyard birds. Many of the Hummers will be around even if the BBQ is smoking 20 ft from the feeder. They will be a joy to watch as we all sit out on the patio with a tall glass of icy beverage celebrating Independence Day! 

Dragonfly Solar lantern.
Fantastic sweet fragrance!

Hummingbird solar lantern.

There is always bird activity near the fountain.

  A cute little birdhouse.

Just bought this hummingbird feeder the other day but have not had any visitors. I looked up the reviews on this item on the Internet and found that it got a very low rating. Even if no one visits this feeder, I think it is adorable to look at. The design is a bit odd.

Note: update on this cute little feeder 7-3-18. Late tonight I spotted a female Allen's Hummingbird checking out the feeder.

She looks around to be sure she is safe.

 We have success! She takes a sip and decides she likes it. The hummer stayed and sipped on the sugar water for quite a long time. she was never chased off as she would have been on the main large feeder. I would give this feeder at least a 3 star rating. When the sugar water gets low, I will put a string on the lower hole that is on the feeder and attach it to the pole. It will tilt the feeder down to make the liquid accessible to the hummer. Still not the best designed hummer feeder.

LOL, no... it's not a new breed of yellow-crowned hummer. Just one young Anna's Hummingbird that was visiting flowers with lots of orange pollen.

Have a fun-filled weekend and stay safe everyone!

Happy 4th of July!