Thursday, December 21, 2017

Big Fish for the Snowy Egret

In the distance, about 300 ft south of the Old Grand Avenue Bridge in Del Mar, I noticed that a Snowy Egret had caught a nice big fish. I wasn't the only one that had spotted this activity.  A Great Blue Heron flew towards the Snowy and landed near him. The egret tries to walk away quickly but the heron follows. The Snowy Egret, not wanting to lose his prize fish to the heron, decides to fly away with his catch. He flies towards me and lands only a short distance away from the bridge.

Looking down from the south side of the bridge, I see the fish is still very much alive and thrashing. Here are some shots of the Snowy Egret trying very hard to hang on and swallow this big spiny thrashing fish.

You can see the egret is delighted with his big catch. 
The fish is slippery and he is hanging on to his prize with all his might. 

Slowly the fish starts to slip down.

The fish still has plenty of life left in him. 

The egret drops it for a split second but manages to get it back in his beak. 

Trying to position it just right for the swallow. 

Then he puts the fish to ground and picks it up again re-positioning it .
Fish is still thrashing.

He spots the Great Blue Heron flying towards him.

He is trying to swallow his prize before the heron arrives.


The fish is positioned and ready to be swallowed. 

Look at those spines on the fish!

The Great Blue Heron flies in only a few feet away from the egret!

By the time I focus my camera back on the Snowy Egret, he has successfully gotten the fish past his mouth opening and now working it down his throat!
Gulping it down.

The outline of the fish can be seen slowly moving down his throat.

The look of disappointment.

The egret is pushing his prey down his throat and appears a little uncomfortable. 

Using his neck muscles and working the fish to his stomach. 

The disappointed Great Blue Heron walks away. 

What a beautiful bird. He strikes a classic heron pose.

And off he goes to find his own lunch. 

LOL, yes, I'm too close to get all of this magnificent bird in the frame when he fully extends his wings to fly. 

There he goes and it's also time for me to head for home. 

Have a super week and Merry Christmas Everyone!

And a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 15, 2017

How to Tame a Dragonfly

Stopping by the Old Grand Avenue Bridge in Del Mar on the San Dieguito Lagoon, I spotted a Cassin's Kingbird chasing a dragonfly. I picked up my camera and followed him to the nearby telephone wire.

Landing on the telephone wire, the Cassin's Kingbird appears delighted to have captured this large dragonfly. Wonder how is he going to manage to swallow his huge prey? The following photos will show how the kingbird tamed his dragonfly and, with some maneuvering, how he managed to consume it.

Have a great weekend everyone!