Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Rainy Day with Thunder and Lightning

This morning was darker than usual. Dark clouds that soon cleared just enough to bring out the sun but that lasted for only a few moments. Soon the sky turned dark and I saw lightning followed closely by the huge rumbling of thunder. This was enough to drive my rat terrier under her bed covers. Heavy steady rain came with the sound of thunder. I love this weather even though I can't work outdoors in my garden. Most of the birds found shelter under thick leaves of mature evergreen trees or bushes. Looking out at the rain from my dining area, I noticed several hummingbirds perched out in the open enjoying the rain.

Here are some photos of a sweet Allen's Hummingbird enjoying the rain. Photos were taken from my dining room. I spotted a second female Allen's Hummingbird enjoying the rain perched near the first one. For a few quiet moments they stood still enjoying the rain. The sudden rain storm appeared to have distracted them from their aggressive behavior, however the instincts to protect their territory soon re-surfaced and one was chased away.

What a great morning watching this wonderful hummer enjoying the rain.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Stay dry : )