Monday, March 19, 2018

New Arrivals After the Rain

We have had several rainstorms last week in southern California. This has been great for the plants. When the storm passes and the sun comes out, I am rewarded with many birds visiting my backyard. You can feel the excitement of springtime. Many male birds are now in full breeding plumage. Some visitors are migrating birds and some are local residents.

Storm clouds are leaving and the sun is starting to break through the clouds. I can always count on the hummingbirds to make their appearance. Here is a Allen's Hummingbird looking for nectar on a nearby flower.

A White-crowned Sparrow is first to show up at the fountain.

White-crowned Sparrow, Zonotrichia leucophrys measures 7 inches long with a wingspan of 9.5 inches. As the sun comes through the clouds, the lighting becomes lovely.

Looking past the fountain, I spot a male Hooded Oriole perched on a snag.

Hooded Oriole, Icterus cucullatus  measures 8 inches long with a wingspan of 10.5 inches.
Getting his courage up.
Should he or shouldn't he fly to the fountain.
A nice pose.
He decides against coming to the fountain, turns his back and flies off.

Time to show you a few of the lovely rain-soaked flowers in my backyard.

Oh!  Look who finally got up the courage to check out the birdbath!

Close-up of the male Hooded Oriole.

Moves over to the left side of the fountain and checks out the upper part.

Still a little bit spooked, he goes back to the right side of the lower part of the fountain. He tastes the water.

Just a short visit today but it was wonderful to see this beauty at the fountain.

A female Allen's Hummingbird flies to a branch near the fountain.

Looking over the fountain.

Lands on the lower level.

Lol, turns and dips her tail in the water.

Everyone has their own technique at taking a bath.

The Townsend's Warbler flies into the yard. He has been an everyday visitor for quite a few months now.

He appears to want a quick bath but someone else is in the fountain of fun right now.

Yup, it's the Orange-crowned Warbler. And he is having a great time in the birdbath.

He is also an everyday visitor to the fountain.

He spots the Townsend's and start to protest.

The Townsend's Warbler flies in and takes over the fountain. Wish they could share but they are constantly chasing each other out of the way.

The female Allen's Hummingbird wants a bath too but waits her turn sipping nectar from a nearby flower.

Look who just stepped onto the patio!!! It's a male Common Yellowthroat! Only the adult male has the black mask.

He checks my planter for bugs.

Comes closer to the fountain!

And here he is... The Common Yellowthroat on the fountain.

Common Yellowthroat , Geothlypis trichas measures 5 inches long with a wingspan of 6.5 inches.

Getting ready to take the plunge!


You can almost read his mind.. he is probably thinking, "This is great"!

He looks my way but decides that I am not a threat.

A close-up of this handsome bird.

Back to his bath.
Keeping an eye out for danger.

Back to bathing.

Nice side view.

Adorable front view.

A look at his backside.

Done for today and he flies off.

A male Anna's Hummingbird comes by for a snack. Hope to see many more visitors as we move into springtime!
Have a beautiful week everyone!