Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Searching for the Painted Redstart

Eve emailed me to say she had a free morning to go birding and I could pick the area. I suggested that we go to the San Diego River area. Eve agreed that it was probably one of the most birdable spots due to the fog that lined the shores of our county. We headed to Sea World Drive but soon got fogged in. We decided to go and search for the Painted Redstart at Crown Point Park.

As we arrived at Crown Point Park, the fog appeared to be clearing which lifted our expectations to find the Painted Redstart. Within minutes, I spotted the Painted Redstart perched on a dead branch of a carrotwood tree.
Painted Redstart, Myioborus pictus measures 5.2 inches long with a wingspan of 8.75 inches

What a wonderful find. Thanks Eve for bringing me here to shoot this beauty. Another life bird for me!

Painted Redstarts are a rare sighting for our area. They are usually found across our southern border but their range goes north to Arizona and New Mexico and parts of Colorado. They also go as far south as Nicaragua. 

A look at his underwings and tail end. 

Being a warbler, this bird is very active and acrobatic. It is quite a challenge to photograph this high energy bird. By the time I focus the 400 mm lens he has moved on to another area.

He is always in motion and predicting which direction he'll fly or suddenly drop off his perch is impossible.

He is constantly looking for bugs.

Males and females look alike. This one sings often but both males and females sing so we can't tell by the "che-wee chewee weeta" call. 
A look at the under tail.

An unusual moment when he actually stood still for a second.

Nice pose.

In action as he flutters hawking for insects near a eucalyptus tree.
Ready to drop off a branch.

Frontal view.
Showing off the white wing markings.

Side view.

A good look at the lower eye-arc.

Gleaning for insects.


Frontal view.

Getting ready to fly. 

There he goes again.

Hops on to another perch.
Hard to get a shot without a branch blocking the view.
Looking down and checking the camera. What a sweetheart! A beautiful bird and another great birding day. Time to head for home. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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