Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy First Day of Spring!

It was a gloomy Monday this morning but the flowers in my backyard were cheerful to see.  I decided to celebrate the First Day of Spring with a some photos of the flowers in my backyard. Looking forward to all the bird visitors and the spring migration.

I wish I could send you a bottle of the scent from the flowers of my orange tree. Its fragrance is heavenly!
I spot a Red-shouldered Hawk in my neighbor's star pine.

As I walk out to the front yard to get a better look at the hawk, I spot a couple of European Starlings. They are eating the ripe fruits on the date palm.

Back to my backward.

As I was taking a shot of the purple freesias, a young Anna's Hummingbird lands on a fragile avocado branch.

What a cutie. Even though it has been an overcast morning, a visit by a hummer always brings me joy!
Happy First Day of Spring everyone!