Saturday, October 26, 2019

Birding in the Garden With My New Puppy

We are enjoying the beautiful dry weather and very warm temperatures that accompany the Santa Ana wind conditions. Living near the ocean the weather is absolutely beautiful this time of the year. 
I have been working hard turning my rose garden into a vegetable garden. I also have a new puppy (a Rat Terrier) that loves to help with all my outdoor chores. Bringing the puppy home two weeks ago at 8 weeks old, I have been getting her accustomed to my backyard and my gardening routine. She is at the stage were everything that is around her is to be munched and given a taste test. Here are some shots from my vegetable garden and my beautiful little helper that follows me everywhere, even watches me quietly as I photograph some of the birds that visit my garden. 

Stepping out onto the patio, I look towards my garden and spot a male Lesser Goldfinch perched on my little cottage birdbath fountain. The sun is just peaking over the neighbors' rooftop and strands of sun rays make their way to the garden.

Getting a sip of water from the chimney. Lesser Goldfinch, Spinus psaltria measures 4.5 inches long with a wingspan of 8 inches.

When making a fountain, I try to make it cute and interesting but always think of making it inviting for the birds to feel safe and have a place to perch. These ceramic houses are my favorite for making a fountain because the birds can land on the peak of the roof.

He hears the camera and pauses.

Keeping the water clean is important when you have a birdbath/fountain.

Enjoying his drink.
LOL, the moment he gets a mouthful.

Big gulp.

Going back for more.

A very sweet bird.


This photo shows the little cottage solar fountain. I have tiny solar lights that light up the little cottage at night.

The little hen solar fountain is also being visited. An Orange-crowned Warbler flies down and perches on the little hen's tail.

Orange-crowned Warbler. Oreothlypis celata measures 5 inches long with a wingspan of 7.25 inches.

Stretching to get a drink.

I'm so happy to see the birds use my fountains.


Getting a drink.


Cute pose.

Close-up of him drinking.

More close-up.

Here is a shot I took of the "hen fountain".  I wanted to show you where it is located in the planter.

A Yellow-rumped Warbler lands on a citrus tree.

What a beauty. Yellow-rumped Warbler, Setophaga coronata measures 5.5 inches with a wingspan of 9.25 inches.

Cosmos always brightens a garden.

I spot a Townsend's Warbler, Setophaga townsendi measures 5 inches with a wingspan of 8 inches.

A male Lesser Goldfinch poses nicely on the trellis for my sugar peas.
My new puppy and garden helper. She just turned 10 weeks old and is a Rat Terrier. So very smart and yet has a mind of her own.

She watches me as I stand in the garden birding. I love that she is so alert. She already has learned to sit, wait, and not to go upstairs to harass my senior dog. The breeder was kind enough to train her to use the litter box. I am very happy about that.

LOL, a puppy with a very intense stare. I am hoping that she will help control the rodents that come in the yard to harvest my persimmons and passion fruit.

She has tasted everything that is reachable in the yard.

She is a beautiful Rat Terrier bred by Christina Martinez .

I was wondering what was causing all the holes in my kale leaves. Lol, now I see why there are so many goldfinches in my garden. There are plenty of greens to share with these precious little birds.
Another look at the Townsend's Warbler. I first noticed he was back on Oct. 19th. Good to have him back!
The Townsend's is perched on my Malaluca tree just outside of the garden.

Cute pose

Getting back to my dining room, I noticed a White-crowned Sparrow checking out the patio.

I think the Rat Terrier puppy and the sparrow are looking at each other through the sliding glass.

I wanted to show you who showed up at the patio fountain the other day! I was stunned to see this Red-shouldered Hawk so close to my house.

I couldn't help swearing to myself for closing the screen door to keep the flies out just a few minutes before! Now I am having to shoot this photo through the screen door but wanted to show you anyway.

Moving towards the door to open it for a better shot the hawk flew off. I went to the back yard and spotted him on the utility wire. The birds sure disappear when he is around. He was back again today! I really need to keep an eye on the puppy when he is around.

Lots of hummingbirds fly at breakneck speed all over my backyard. Each hummingbird feeder appears to be guarded by a very possessive hummer.
What a delight to see the Hermit Thrush back in the yard again! He takes a quick bath at my original plug-in fountain and flies off. I hope to see him often for the winter. Hope he keeps alert to the hawks.

This solar fountain is only about 4 ft away from the glass door. I love the orchids around the fountain and decided I wanted a shot of the pretty setting.

Just as I started to shoot, look who flies in! An Orange-crowned Warbler flies onto the orchid plant. At first I was wondering if he was there to get a drink from the fountain but soon I realized that he has gotten himself a big fat green worm!


Thank you for keeping the bugs off the flowers!


Nice juicy prize.


Very close-up.

He gets a good hold of the green worn and readies to fly.


After his big meal, he is ready for a bath. What a fun morning birding with my new puppy!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. haven;t sceen ur blog / post/ for a year or more, Lois has passed gone desceesed Dec 5th about 3 years ago

    1. Hi Don, Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well with your move to California and it has been good for you. Have you joined a birding walk group yet? Take care, Jo

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your garden is beautiful.